5 Reasons to Send Your Loved One to Alcohol Detox

Watching a loved one struggle with alcohol abuse is painful and difficult. Sometimes those around the individual are unaware of how bad the problem is until it is too late. You may be struggling within yourself as to whether or not you should get involved…so here are 5 reasons to send your loved one to alcohol detox.

1. Breakdown in relationships

If their relationships are starting to breakdown, their friends and family are starting to abandon them and their coworkers have reached their limits, it may be time to get help for your loved one. It is difficult to watch a loved one self destruct from alcohol abuse. At times it may seem as if the person does not care what they are doing to themselves, not to mention the effect their alcohol abuse is having on those around them. If your loved one is losing their family because of their drinking, your loved one needs help.

2. Cannot function on a daily basis

If alcohol abuse has taken over the life of your loved one and they are having problems at work or school, it may be time to send your loved one to Alcohol Detox. While some individuals are able to maintain their regular routines, most alcohol abusers begin to miss work or school, are late with assignment and responsibilities and struggle to keep up appearances. Some individuals will turn to some type of drug abuse to keep them balanced. Overtime, supervisors and professors may stop taking their excuses and the individual may lose their job or have to drop out of school. This is a reason your loved one needs help.

3. Exhibit mental and emotional issues

If your loved one is struggling with a psychological or psychiatric disorder and their alcohol abuse has caused the disorder to worsen, that is a reason to send your loved one to alcohol detox. Persons who struggle from mental and emotional disorders can further cause problems as they self medicate with alcohol. It is not uncommon for the individual to become unmanageable and difficult. If this is happening to your loved one, it is a reason to get them help.

4. Decline in their health

If your loved one is suffering from health problems that are related to their alcohol abuse and yet they refuse to stop drinking, it is time for them to get help. Diagnosis of medical illness such as liver disease, an increase in medication to treat the illness, repeat visits to the emergency room or doctor and hospital stays are all reasons your loved one needs alcohol detox. While stopping now may not reverse the damage already done, it can have a significant impact on their quality of life later.

5. They cannot stop on their own

If your loved one has tried to stop their alcohol abuse on their own many times, but have never been successful this is a reason to send them to alcohol detox. In most cases, when an individual abusing alcohol tries to stop on their own, as soon as withdrawal symptoms begin, the individual returns to alcohol use to stop the symptoms. The inability to stop is a reason to send your loved one to alcohol detox.


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