A Beginner’s Guide to the Smok Novo Vape: How to Get Started

If you’re new to vaping or just new to the Smok Novo Vape, you may be wondering how to get started. Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you start vaping with your Smok Novo Vape.

  1. Charge your device Before using your Smok Novo Vape, make sure it’s fully charged. The device comes with a USB cable, which can be used to charge the device by plugging it into a computer or wall adapter. Once the device is fully charged, the indicator light will turn off.
  2. Fill the pod with e-liquid The smok novo 2 Vape comes with a refillable pod that can be filled with your favorite e-liquid. To fill the pod, simply remove the rubber stopper from the side of the pod and fill it with e-liquid. Be sure to leave a small amount of space at the top of the pod to avoid any leakage.
  3. Install the pod Once the pod is filled with e-liquid, insert it into the device until it clicks into place. Make sure the pod is securely in place to avoid any leakage.
  4. Turn on the device To turn on your Smok Novo Vape, simply press the power button located on the side of the device five times in quick succession. The indicator light will flash to indicate that the device is turned on.
  5. Adjust the airflow The Smok Novo Vape has an airflow control system that allows you to adjust the amount of airflow to your liking. To adjust the airflow, simply rotate the pod in the device until you find the desired airflow setting.
  6. Vape away! Once your device is set up, simply inhale from the mouthpiece to start vaping. The device will automatically activate when you inhale, and the indicator light will flash to show that the device is in use.
  7. Maintain your device To ensure the longevity of your Smok Novo Vape, it’s important to keep it clean and well-maintained. Clean the device regularly by wiping it down with a damp cloth and removing any excess e-liquid from the pod. Replace the pod regularly to avoid any leakage or flavor degradation.

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