A Wonderful Balloon Ride Over Letchworth State Park

Adorned with majestic towering cliffs and surrounded by luscious forests, Letchworth State Park is one of the prized natural attractions of the US state of New York. Because of its very scenic topography, the park is often regarded as the “Grand Canyon of the East”.

The roaring Genesee River runs through the Letchworth Gorge, which is decorated by cliffs as high as 600 feet. Letchworth State Park is a hiking paradise, offering about 66 miles of trails. Aside from the paths that lead you to wonderful places within the park, several activities await the adventure-seeking souls. You can go for biking, whitewater rafting, kayaking and horseback riding. During winter, snowmobiling, snow tubing and cross-country skiing are also quite popular. However, there is one activity that promises an exhilarating and picturesque ride, and that is hot air ballooning over Letchworth.

The incredible landscape of the 170 mile long Letchworth State Park guarantees that a hot air balloon ride over this area is simply spectacular. Watching the park’s several magnificent waterfalls from about two thousand feet in the air is truly memorable. Three of the most notable waterfalls are situated just above the gorge. These waterfalls are called The Upper, Middle and Lower Falls respectively. They range in between 70 to 107 feet. Together with the waterfalls, you will also get a rare bird’s eye view of the Genesee River winding through gorges.

Balloons Over Letchworth is the only hot best ballon rides company that is operating within the Letchworth State Park. The scenic rides are conducted 7 days a week starting from the month of May all the way through mid-October. For the cost of $249 per person, the balloon flight will take you above the ground for 40 to 60 minutes, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the best views of the park’s most prominent natural landmarks, which include the lush woods and water falls.

The best time to go for a balloon ride is in July and August as the weather during these months is dry and warm. This favorable weather also gives you the best visibility. However, it can be argued that September is also an excellent time to view the park from above as the trees and foliage are changing colors at this time.

Afraid of heights? Don’t worry, you will be accompanied by an experienced and licensed pilot, who give you a safety briefing before the flight. Air balloon rides overย Letchworthย are growing in popularity, especially during weekends, so you need to book a spot as early as possible. Once you book, the company will issue you a transferable gift certificate, which is valid for a year. Just in case you chicken out, you can get a refund within 30 days of date of purchase. But this wouldn’t be a good idea as you will miss out on a rare and wonderful experience.


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