Changing Your Career? Watch for These Five Top Career-Change Saboteurs

When you discover the right career fit, your life shifts into a new momentum. Finding the right job within your chosen career gives your life wings!

It’s common for people to stall somewhere on that course between discovery and successful transition. Many people determine what’s important to them, identify the right career track, and job interest. Then something happens – an obstacle prevents them from achieving success. I call these obstaclesย career-change saboteurs.

Here are the top five saboteurs many career Resume whisperer changers face. Recognize them, and figure out how to overcome them, so they don’t impede your success.

1. Time – These days, we’re all too busy. Becoming sidetracked and losing focus is a common occurrence. As a career changer, that can be devastating. You have to make the time and foster the commitment necessary to stay on course.2. Moneyย – Financial pressures can take a couple of different forms. You may worry that a job change automatically means a pay cut. Obligations such as student loans or putting food on the table may tempt you to take the first job offered to you. As a career changer, you must do your homework and realistically assess your salary expectations. That way, you won’t be unpleasantly surprised, nor will you short-change yourself, especially if you have transferable skills. Develop the self-discipline to stay true to your path.

3. Confidenceย – It is common for career changers to struggle with how to translate their new career vision in a compelling and honest way in a resume and interviews. The key here is not to do it alone. Many good books that can help you are readily available. Or you can consult a resume specialist, career counselor, or coach. An expert can help you smooth out the rough edges so you can confidently express your thoughts and vision.

4. Connectionsย – Career changers often rely on their family and friends to support them in their transition. However, according to a recent Stanford study, more people find jobs through a casual network of contacts than through close family and friends. In addition, the study discovered that jobs found this way pay better and are more gratifying. In some cases, family members actually hinder your job search. Why? Perhaps they have a hard time seeing you in another career or they fear that you’ll change. At any rate, as a career changer, it’s important to expand your network and make broad connections. Join an industry association, attend professional events, and connect with others online.

5. Enthusiasm – Staying motivated throughout your job search is essential. I often see career changers get discouraged, run out of steam within one to three months of their career transition, and want to quit. As a career changer, it’s important to stay motivated! If you keep your energy high, you’ll become a magnet that attracts the right people and opportunities to your doorstep. If you need help to stay motivated, go to the gym, take a vigorous walk or read the funnies. Try to avoid a funk, but if you do succumb, get yourself back on track – fast!

Don’t fall victim to career-change saboteurs. Remember, successfully achieving your career goal is worth the effort! You have what it takes to make your career hum. Apply focus, commitment, and discipline to achieve what you want – and deserve.


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