Choose Prescription Sunglasses According to Your Face Shape

Face so many various style and color sunglasses in market, how can you choose yourself a pair of prescription sun glasses to show your style? In fact, we have no choice that we should choose them according to our face shape. Here will give you some suggestions for choosing them.

For people who have round face shape, you should choose dark yellow colored round sunglasses, red lenses sunglasses or frames with slender lines sunglasses. It could make your face look wider. Therefore, ladies with this kind of shape should choose frame slightly rough, slightly cold lenses. This kind of prescription sunglasses could make your face look smaller.

For people who have Square face, it is easy to give people the feeling of seriousness. You should better choose a lovely square or round shape of the glasses frame to make your prescription sun glasses. This kind of sunglasses make you fashion as well as adjust the outlook of your face. Sports sunglasses are very usually very large in frame. It would work well for long face. You can also choose some feminine pink or wine red colored lenses

For people who have oval face, they are easy to choose sunglasses. No matter round, square or oval-shaped frame could work well on them. As long as they choose the appropriate size of sunglasses frames, it will match them well. As for color, you needn’t think about too much. Just choose some color you like and it could work well for your skin color is ok.

The stated above is just a little advice. When you choose sunglasses, you can also ask your friends to give you suggestions. Just find one most suitable for you for suit is the best.

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