Crystal Quartz Gemstones – Important Uses

A wide variety of gemstones are now available elsewhere. Most common are the crystal gemstones, which are said to seize mystical powers and offer good luck to anyone who has such precious asset. Crystal gemstones come in various types. The most prominent is the Bergkristalle Gemstone.

In contrast to the reality that pure gem mineral sources are about to scarce, more and more gemstone items and products continue to sprout. The significant increase of gemstone supplies are novelties of human craftsmanship. Though, these types of gemstones that are commonly found in the fashion stores are not really the genuine ones. Hence, this reality gives you some heads up to be prudent enough in making choice, prior to procuring such embellishment for your self or for your loved ones.

A Glimpse toย Crystalย Gemstones

Ever since the metaphysical era up to these days, crystal gemstones still persist to exist, bequeathing people with some distinct influences in their everyday living.

By definition, they are crystal rocks and minerals that obtain countless of uses in both the fields of science and metaphysics. The most prominent types and commonly used stones are the gems, minerals and the quartz rocks. All these are utilized in many distinct reasons and purposes.

Featuring Quartz Crystal Gemstones

Quartz crystal is deemed asย piezoelectric. The term implies to the production of electromagnetic vibration or voltage. This vibration production occurs when they are instinctively stressed, as reaction to some electromagnetic charges produced by the human body. Quartz obtains a unique property that makes it capable to carry its own insignificant vibration. These types of crystal are significantly useful in the field of electronics. Other applications of such crystal gemstones are manifested as follow:


  • Radio Frequency Stabilization
  • Special Lenses and Prisms like the ones seized by Quartz watches
  • Inner Radar Devices
  • Security cameras
  • Radio transmitters
  • Gas and utility meters
  • TV satellite dishes
  • Inner cellphone


Moreover, crystal quartz stones and rocks are also believed to obtain a certain kind of power that brings some sort of magic. This functionality is often associated with the chakra healing and utilization in metaphysics.

Quartz crystals patented the magical and healing property utilization in both fields of electronics and science. They come in different shapes, sizes and indications. Three of the most prominent quartz crystals are commonly used by humans. This comprised theย Gemini or Twin Quartz crystals, Rainbow Quartz and Record Keeper Quartz.

Buying Tip

Just a heads up, if you plan to get a share of any of these quartz crystal gemstones, make sure you opt for a kind, which you think most beneficial and able to bequeath more significance to your full being. It may be for luck or embellishment, but what is important is you are getting the one that best suits your personality, without compromising the crystal’s nature and quality.


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