Hidden Assets and Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process. Those who are going through the process are doing so to try to recover from debts and take financial responsibility in the future. There are many blunders that people make that may result in their case being thrown out. Reporting all assets is essential in a case, and failure to so will all but deplete the chances of achieving bankruptcy status. Hidden assets are one of the major causes of a bankruptcy filing being turned down.

Experienced bankruptcy attorneys typically help recover hidden assets. They will find these assets and work hard to make sure you have a high chance of being granted bankruptcy status. It is important to not stray from the path and fail to report even one asset. Some people are truly hiding their assets while some simply don’t know that they exist.

Expensive jewelry your ex-boyfriend bought you in 1983 needs to beย Find someoneย reported. Artwork with high values must become part of your financial portfolio. Bank account records and total savings must become common knowledge. Stocks and bonds are constantly changing value, however, they are assets that must be accurately accounted for.

If you don’t find hidden assets, somebody else might. To have someone else unearth this knowledge may put an end to your bankruptcy case. There are many people filing for bankruptcy in these tough economic times. If you are one of them, you know it would be difficult to go through the entire process and then fail. This is why finding all hidden assets is an essential first step in building a bankruptcy case.

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