How to Choose the Perfect Telecom Software Company?

In times of tight budgets and growing pressure from the competition, outsourcing the development of telecom solutions can bring Independent Software Vendors and other telecom companies many benefits, such as access to the latest technology and professional telecom expertise, reduced costs associated with the product development process, as well as guaranteed quality and performance.

An outsourcing partnership can address the development requirements of the telecom business at any stage of the development/deployment life cycle, from complete telecom software solution development to solution design, testing, implementation, technical support services, maintenance or documentation.

How to select the right telecom software developer?

After carefully assessing the reasons for Fortigate Firewall outsourcing the development of their telecom software solutions and establishing the business benefits that need to be achieved during the process, companies can proceed to the next phase, that of selecting the provider of telecom software development services.

Keeping in mind that the success of any outsourcing projects highly depends on choosing the most suitable service provider, here are some of the key factors that decision makers at telecom companies should take into account when evaluating and selecting a telecom software development company:

Company profileย – elements such as the size, location, number of employees and years in the industry of the telecom software company can provide good starting points in evaluating a potential outsourcing partner.

Knowledge and expertiseย – the service provider needs to have a good understanding of the telecommunications industry and a track record of telecom software development projects, easily verifiable through client references, referrals or case studies of similar telecom projects.

Specialized personnelย – make sure that the company has a team of well-trained, skilled and committed engineers and, more importantly, subject matter experts in your specific area of interest, as they will be directly involved in developing a tailor-made solution for your project.

Predictable, lower costsย – with cost-effectiveness being considered as the top reason for outsourcing, it is recommended to ask for offers from multiple providers and choose the one that has the best quality/cost ration. In this respect, fixed priced offers can provide the optimal solution in terms of cost control and predictability.

On-demand access to resourcesย – namely, the ability of the telecom software company to offer additional human and technical resources required to handle potential peak demands. This agility in responding to project peaks ensures that deadlines are met, while also ensuring quality.

Quality managementย – a well-established Quality Management System and technical certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 are good indicators of the quality of processes the vendor provides and an additional guarantee of their efficacy and agility in developing and delivering high-quality telecom software solutions, within the estimated time frame and budget.

Other key differentiatorsย – last, but not least, the provider’s values, their integrity and flexibility their commitment to meeting the customers’ needs and to long-term partnerships, their communication skills and ability to deliver a faster time to market, or their customers’ ability to retain full I PR for the developed solutions are key differentiators in selecting the right provider of telecom software development services.


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