How to Pass Every Daily Food Quiz in Restaurant City

The daily food quiz, offered in Restaurant City to players who want to pick up one free ingredient every day when they log in, is a simple, straightforward event that many people fail to take advantage of – which is unfortunate for anyone that is looking for free, easy ingredients. There are few enough other ways to load up on ingredients that you should never fail to take advantage of the ones that are available to you.

How to Get the Daily Food Quiz Every Day

Of course, you need to be sure that you can actually answer the daily food quiz every day when you log on – something that many people have trouble with. There is a pool of hundreds of questions that Playfish draws from, each of them providing a multiple choice question that relates to a specific ingredient in the game.

Some of them are very easy to answer – asking things about what the main ingredient in French fries is or how to cook a hamburger, but some are much harder, such as what a Mango was called hundreds of years ago in China.

So, you need to study the different ingredients and be prepared when you go to answer the questions each day. This can be done in a number of ways. Some websites have compiled lists of the different daily food quiz answers that you can review ahead of time. Others will have a lot of clues and hints you can borrow to work with.

You could also queue your friends up in chat and ask them the question when it pops up. Just make sure you hurry, because Playfish is savvy to the cheating ways of the Internet and only allows you 10 seconds to answer before the opportunity disappears for another day.

You will quickly get used to the speed with which you need to find the answer and provide it and often times you will get lucky and already know the answer to the question, but don’t be surprised if you get hit by a hard one every now and then.

Making the Most of the Daily Food Quiz

With a game so heavily reliant on ingredients and getting the newest ones every time you have a chance, you need to be sure to use every tool at your disposal – in this case ensuring you fill out the daily food quiz every time it pops up. It might take a bit of time and you may miss a few, but those freebies are well worth the effort you put in to answer them.

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