How Wall Graphics Can Transform Your Home

Over the last few years many wall graphic products have hit the market. First there were wall graphics that were permanent and stuck on walls with one time use. The problem with these is when taking them off it usually meant that it also took paint off walls.

Then a couple years ago a new wall graphic product hit the market. It had a removable adhesive so when taken off a wall it did not damage any paint. The problem with this however is that it was also a one-time use product.

However now there is a new wall graphics printing material which is much more advanced than previous products. It not only has a removable adhesive, it is also repositionable. The benefit of this is that is it can be used, removed and re-used in a different location time and time again. The material is also a fabric and not a shinny gloss stock like previous inferior materials. This blends in well with walls and gives the prints a nice natural matt feel. Also this material has the benefit of being water resistant and also tear resistant.
Now wall graphics are the perfect gift for children and a great idea for a birthday present or a reward for an achievement. There are also educational related wall graphics such as the alphabet. The beauty of this new material is that children can re-use them on walls and many different surfaces.
The way this will revolutionize the printing industry is that a new niche has opened up. Wall Graphics are not only designed for children, they are perfect for interior designers, modern homes and many other purposes.
They can turn a wall into a feature wall without having to paint them or drill holes into them. They also have the benefit of being able to be re-used, so if you are in the business of renovating homes and selling them, you can use these as portable decorations you can take with you anywhere.

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