Motor Auctions – Selling Your Car The Hassle Free Way

Motor auctions are the perfect way to sell your used car quickly and with the minimum of hassle. By selling your car at auction you can reach hundreds of potential buyers in one simple viewing. Selling a car privately means lots of time and effort; you will need to arrange advertising and be available for multiple viewings.

Motor auctions provide a very hands-off approach for selling your used car. However, you still need to ensure that your vehicle is clean and tidy and ready for sale. By taking the time to prepare your car for auction you will increase your chances of meeting or exceeding your reserve price.

Preparing your car for auction

The first thing you need to do to prepare your car for sale at a motor auction, is to make sure that it’s clean and tidy. It may seem like obvious advice, but you would be surprised at the amount of sellers who leave rubbish in the car’s interior, and don’t even give it a cursory clean on the bodywork. By cleaning your car both inside and out, not only will you be presenting your car at its very best, but you may also gain an advantage over other lazier sellers. Just remember, first impressions count.

Another thing that you should do before entering your car into an auction is a little research, so that you can work out a realistic selling price. Find out how much similar cars, in a similar condition, are being sold for. Bear in mind that when selling your car at auction you will have to pay an entry fee and commission, so make sure you bear this in mind.

To ensure a smooth transaction when your vehicle is sold, make nevada dmvLinks to an external site. sure that you have taken your V5 registration document and any receipts, invoices or service history details that you may have. You should also make sure that you take your current MOT, tax disc and any spare keys.

Most auction houses will require you to complete a seller’s entry form. Be as honest as you can on this form and fill in the details clearly – include any faults that you are aware of. Some motor auction houses will specify that if the auction value of your vehicle is under ยฃ1000, it will automatically be put in the’ sold as seen’ category.

Finding the right auction house

Finally, you will need to select which auction house you wish to use to sell your vehicle. The internet is a valuable research tool to help you to identify the different motor auctions in your area. Conduct a search to identify the different auction houses local to you, and then you can carry out further research to decide which one offers the best service.

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