Refreshing Weekend Escapes: Quick Break Resorts Near Pune

When the need for a quick rejuvenation arises, these resorts near Pune provide perfect weekend getaways, offering a swift escape from the city’s rush. Each destination on this list promises a delightful respite, ensuring a rejuvenating and memorable short break.

  1. Della Adventure Park & Resort, Lonavala: Known for its adventure park, Della also offers comfortable stays for a weekend retreat. Its proximity to Pune makes it an ideal quick getaway for adventure enthusiasts.
  2. The Corinthians Resort and Club, Undri: Just a short drive away, Corinthians Resort offers a luxurious escape for a weekend. Its serene surroundings and luxurious amenities cater to those seeking a swift yet indulgent break.
  3. Fort JadhavGADH, Hadapsar: A historical retreat near Pune, Fort JadhavGADH offers a quick escape into heritage. Guests can enjoy a royal experience amidst historical charm without venturing too far.
  4. Amanzi Resort, Pavana: Perched by Pavana Lake, Amanzi provides a serene weekend getaway. Its tranquil ambiance and scenic beauty make it an ideal spot for a short break from the city.
  5. The Machan, Lonavala: Known for its unique treehouses, The Machan offers a quick escape amidst nature. Its proximity to Pune allows for a brief yet refreshing retreat in serene surroundings.
  6. Rhythm Resort, Mulshi: Surrounded by Mulshi’s beauty, Rhythm Resort provides a peaceful weekend escape. Its serene ambiance and comfortable accommodations ensure a relaxing break.
  7. The Waterfront Shaw, Lavasa: With its picturesque location, The Waterfront Shaw offers a tranquil weekend by the lake. Its comfortable stays and scenic beauty make it an ideal spot for a quick break.
  8. Saj Resort, Rajgurunagar: Nestled amidst greenery, Saj Resort provides a serene weekend escape. Its proximity to Pune allows guests to relax in a peaceful setting without traveling far.
  9. Sunny’s World, Pashan: Offering luxurious accommodations, Sunny’s World provides a swift yet opulent escape from Pune’s hustle. Its comfortable stays and scenic surroundings make for a pleasant weekend getaway.
  10. The Machan Wilderness Lodge, Lavasa: Surrounded by nature, this lodge offers a quick escape for nature enthusiasts. Its serene ambiance and proximity to Pune ensure a rejuvenating weekend break.

These Resorts Near Pune aren’t just accommodations; they’re perfect weekend havens, offering a brief yet refreshing escape into tranquility and relaxation without the hassle of a long journey.

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