Sell Your Property’s Mortgage Instead of Your Home

Here is a way to deal with the slow selling property market so you can achieve quick house sales despite the doom and gloom of the economy. Almost 100% of property sellers across the focus on the benefits their property has to offer (such as 2 bathrooms, lots of storage space etc) when selling their Realtor Tucson property, but is this the best solution for sellers in slowest selling property market seen in the past 40 years?

It is a well known fact broadcast in the media practically daily that one of the most significant factors slowing property sales is the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the lack of funding available for home buyers. Banks have restricted their lending and increased the size of deposits borrowers require to be able to purchase property, thus reducing the number of buyers qualifying to actually complete on a purchase. This inversely differs from 2007/2008 when the lending criteria was so easily achieved that almost any buyer could qualify for finance. Back then, property prices were sky rocketing and property was selling at record speeds, almost irrelevant of the pricing.

But as most sellers are aware, today is a totally different kettle of fish. Today across the length and breadth of the UK, property sales have stagnated to a near standstill pace despite there still being an abundance of cash rich buyers actively desiring to join the ownership ranks.

So it is now time for sellers to look at different solutions for creating quick house sales. Smart property sellers are starting to tackle the actual cause of the slow property sales market head on and realising that their properties have not been selling due to their carpet or wall colour, but more so due to their buyers inability to get finance and as a result, provide a solution that sees sellers tackling the problem head on. The smart sellers are realising that it is not the colour of the walls and the square footage of the downstairs kitchen that makes the difference with a sale or no sale, but instead how easy the sale is made by the seller assisting the buyer to gain finance. The smart sellers are now realising that the number 1 priority to create quick house sales is to get the buyer a mortgage, and there is no quicker, better and more practical way of doing this than actually selling their existing mortgage to the interested buyer.

So how do you sell your mortgage? It is actually very easy. As a matter of fact, it is easier to sell your mortgage than it is to sell your house alone. Currently, buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to standard property purchases, and very few sellers have caught onto the fact that you can now sell your mortgage and house together and this process is usually actually quicker and more profitable than just selling a property on its own without finance attached.


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