The Beauty That Surrounds Reston, Virginia – Homes For Sale

Located in the western part of Fairfax County, Virginia, Reston is certainly an ideal upper-class and high-tech place to live and work in. Who would have thought that this once sleepy town could blossom into a major residential and corporate area?

Although the prices of Reston VA homes for sale have skyrocketed during the last couple of years, there are still many advantages in living and working in Reston that outweigh the premium Reston homes prices.

For one, the Reston Town Center (RTC) is located here, boasting of over 50 retail shops, 30 restaurants, the Hyatt Regency Reston Hotel, and the Multiplex cinema. The RTC also hosts different events, such as the Reston Festival and the North Virginia Fine Arts Festival. Aside from those, several summer concerts and winter ice skating are held in the RTC.

The state of technology in Reston is also a powerful magnet for people to buy Reston homes for sale. This is the place where the Dulles Technology Corridor can be found. Also called as “Netplex,” the Dulles Technology Corridor is the home of majority of the telecommunication and satellite companies in the world. In other words, this is the headquarters of half of the traffic in the internet.

Aside from the Dulles Technology Corridor, Reston is also home to the Corporation for National Research Initiatives, United States Geological Survey, and the National Wildlife Federation.

The Reston Virginia homes for sale are ideal places to live in for families, no matter what stage of family life you are already in. There is a wide variety of housing styles tailored to give numerous options for families who are considering real estate property from Reston, Virginia. This also means that the prices are pretty flexible, and people from different income levels can actually buy Reston Albemarle County VA Homes For Sale. One can choose from townhouses with several bedrooms to detached houses.

Apart from one town center, Reston also contains five village centers, and each home is a half-mile walk away from another home. These village centers are Lake Anne, Hunters Woods, Tall Oaks, South Lakes, and North Point. With all these available options in Reston, one can surely find Virginia homes for sale fitted to one’s needs.


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