The Intriguing Origins of Gemstones

Precious gemstone beads are enduring and appealing accessories which have been valued for thousands of years. There is considerable evidence which shows early Paleolithic people wore jewelry and decorated their clothes with shaped gemstones, indicating that humans have always been attracted to the beauty of the earth’s treasures. Today, gemstones are mined in a variety of different ways and undergo a significant level of processing before they reach the shop counter. Find out more about the fascinating journey precious gemstone beads make from the underground depths to your jewelry box.

Formed of Fire and Ice

Gemstones are minerals which have been formed through a complex combination of chemical interactions, temperature changes, pressure and time. The geological conditions under which particular Aquamarin gemstones form are complex and this helps to explain the relative rarity of many different precious stones. Gemstones are found all throughout the world; although some areas contain greater concentrations than others (for example South Africa has relatively rich diamond resources, while India has generous reserves of gold). Part of the appeal which precious gemstone beads have is their mysterious past, buried deep beneath the earth’s crust until enterprising miners retrieve them.

Sorting, Grading, Shaping

Once the gemstones have been extracted, they are usually transported to a processing plant for washing and grading. The quality of a gem is mainly determined by its color, its clarity (how clear the stone might be), the cut and the carat (purity). Individual gemstone attributes can normally only be determined once the raw mineral has been cleaned and the surrounding rock cut away from the gem. Gemstones are shaped to maximize their value before being sent on for further processing elsewhere. The precious gemstone beads you see will often have travelled thousands of miles before they reach you.

Polishing, More Shaping and Treating

Gemstones are further refined by a gemologist who specializes in preparing precious and semi-precious stones for use in a wide range of applications. Once the processing operations are complete, rough cut gems will have been transformed into spectacularly shaped jewels which bear little resemblance to their crude state. It is these carefully prepared items which are the precious gemstone beads which you wear and enjoy.

Gemstones are some of the planet’s most valuable and appealing treasures, giving enormous pleasure to wearers as well as being a sound financial investment. A lot of effort goes into producing a single pristine piece of jewelry, as precious gems are exceedingly rare and are found in a crude form which needs meticulous grooming by an expert before it is deemed ready for retail, so the price tag usually reflects these considerations. When your eyes wander over the next locked jewelry case you find yourself at, it’s fascinating to remember everything those little gems went through and where they’ve been. To get access to premium gemstones at a price worthy of your consideration then visit, they offer a spectacular selection of rubies, emeralds, diamonds and even semi-precious stones.

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