Tips for Beginners in Airbrush Artwork

Learning new techniques is always challenging. With airbrush artwork you are trying out a brand new type of art, so your first attempts at airbrushing may seem slow to master. Of course, the experts teaching you the techniques on videos will make every move seem so easy, and you will then be surprised that none of it seems easy to you. You will need to begin by practicing the simplest technical steps over and over until you can do them easily. Mastering simple techniques can give you the better understanding of airbrushing processes which will allow you to build a foundation that can be used as the basis for more difficult techniques.

A good way to try out an airbrush is to use an inexpensive flat surface and black paint. You do not need to spend a lot of money to get started, so buying additional colors can wait until you get some practice. You will need to experiment with basics to master the process of airbrush painting; just get yourself used to how the airbrush feels and how it works in your hands. Practice your spraying technique by controlling the airbrush spray on a cheap surface to learn how to adjust the airbrush pressure for the effect that you want. If you have the double action type airbrush, you will need to experiment with distance to learn how far back to stand from the surface to achieve a certain effect.

Once you become comfortable in using your airbrush, the next step paint spray gun is to practice creating different types of shapes using the airbrush. Practice making airbrushed geometric shapes: triangles, circles, squares and rectangles. This may sound pretty simple but it is really not; the continued practice will teach you to learn exactly how to create those useful designs by mastering your airbrush. Continue practicing these basic shapes until you master them and can produce perfectly even geometric airbrushed shapes. Once you perfect your ability to render these basic shapes, you can then move on with using different textures in the shapes. You should also work on airbrushing shapes using thin lines and then some shapes using thick lines, which will teach you to master the use of the airbrush to create some broad designs and also make fine details.

Once you master creating the basic shapes, you should try using the design stencils. Almost all beginning airbrush artists make use of design stencils in order to create their style of airbrush artwork. Try practicing the stencils still using the inexpensive surface and black airbrush paint. Only the practice will train you in how to use the stencils to get your desired effects and also how to carefully remove the stencils from the surface without disturbing your painted design.

Golden Airbrush Colors is an ideal type of paint for a beginning artist to use for airbrush painting. This type of paint is sold absolutely ready to be used “as is” and will save you lots of trouble having to learn how to deal with paint thinners and all those thinning issues. You can begin to use more complicated types of paint once you have practiced and learned from some experiences with the airbrushed artwork. Keep using the ready to use simple black paint by Golden Airbrush Colors since it certainly doesn’t matter how your paint finish looks at this point in your process. The simple thing that does matter is learning basic techniques to give you a solid base of skills with which to advance forward.

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