Wedding Planning Binder and Checkilsts

A wedding is such a wonderful event and a big day in any new couples life together. It will hopefully be the start of a life long partnership between husband and wife. However, since many couples planning a wedding have little to no experience in event coordination and planning things can quickly become disastrous. The details of florists, priests, caterers, decorations and many other such details can quickly become overwhelming and almost choke out any fun that might be had. Don’t let this happen to you, don’t let your wedding become a nightmare of disorganized chaos in which you are rushing around so frantically that you won’t remember what happened.

By following some simple wedding planning checklists and organization skills you can ensure that your wedding will be pulled off with class, grace and even be a fun carefree event that you can actually enjoy. There are many different ways to keep organized and everyone is individual and will want to do what works for them. However, one of the most universally used tools in wedding planning or even event planning is a wedding binder.

A wedding binder is important because it will keep track of all the paperwork and details so that you are not scrambling around looking for these things. This does not need to be a fancy elaborate binder any three ring binder will work. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a little decoration and you will be using this binder on a daily basis so if you choose to purchase something with a little style that will work just fine also.

1. Site – In this section you can keep all of the details regarding both the site where the ceremony will be held and where the reception will be. You will want phone numbers and contact information for both of these sites along with directions or maps to the place. You will also want to keep any contracts and agreements that have been made in renting the site for the event.

2. Clothing – You will want to keep information in this section regarding everything about clothing. This includes information about your wedding dress, the bridesmaid dress and SoftPlay Bounce House accessories and where the tuxedos for the groom, best man and so on. Make sure you have phone numbers and a contact person, brochures from the places if available. As well as maps or directions to the place for out of town or out of state visitors. You might also want to include photos of wedding clothing that you like to use as a sample when shopping. Colors for the wedding are also very important make sure you clearly layout and decide what colors are being used.

3. Decorations – Centerpieces, floral arrangements, table clothes, trinity candles and much more can go in this general category. Essentiality this category will contain any information about any type of decoration that will be used.

4. Ceremony – In this section you can include information on the offciant of the wedding, the location for the ceremony, music lists, maps, and programs

5. Reception – You will want to include any catering, food prep ideas, and site information including phone numbers and contact people.

6. Honeymoon – Hopefully you are planning a wonderful honeymoon vacation after the wedding. You might want to keep tickets, itineraries, email and phone numbers all in this section. Along with any brochures and other vacation options.

7. Photographers – This section is of course dedicated to photography. You will want to include contact information or a business card for photographers, and videographers. Keep your contracts and terms of agreements with photographers in here also.

A binder can not solve all the problems and complications associated with planning a wedding. However by regularly using wedding planning checklists and a wedding planning binder and keep up with organizing the information you wedding will run smoother. Which means you will be able to enjoy the special occasion like it was meant to be.

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