What You Must Know About Ferret Hunting

During the ancient times ferrets were trained and used by hunters, as well as farmers to help them hunt down rabbits in their farms. In 6 BC, ferrets were used to help control the number of rabbits in the Islands of Balearic. A ferret is known for its great hunting ability and distinguished capability. In United Kingdom, ferrets were also used to control the rabbit plagues, during the ancient times.

Because of this valuable savage axis xp 6.5 hunting capability of the ferrets, ferret hunting then has been known as ferreting. No one can question the great talent of the ferret to hunt rabbits and rodents down. This is maybe because of their long and lean bodies and their ability to stay long during long chases. They also know how to hide and stick in holes, burrows and tunnels, abilities that the best predator would have.

If you want to make this ability of your ferret continue, you must learn beforehand that it will be a difficult task. Yes, this instinct is maybe natural for your pet but you will have to provide him the best training possible to make him good in ferret hunting. There are times that ferreting is not for all ferrets, most hunters like to hunt with a female ferret instead of with the male ferret. This is because the male sometimes devours their prey once they catch it. Once they have eaten their prey they tend to sleep right then and there which will be difficult for the hunter because he will have to dig out the hole to get the ferret as well as her prey.

If you really want to train your pet for ferret hunting, you have to block all the possible holes where he might go together with his prey. The only hole you will leave open is the one where the prey will have to come out of. You can place some purse net on this particular hole in order to catch the prey once he comes out of it. This is what most traditional hunters practice because this is already proven effective and this method never fails them. The only disadvantage on this method is that there are times that the ferret along with his prey takes a long time to come out of the hole. The best thing that you can do in this situation is to provide your ferret a collar with tracking device where you can trace his location after chasing his prey. This will make it easy for you to locate your pet after each chase.

Ferrets are great and efficient hunters, you can rely on them during ferret hunting. They actually do not use their vision during a chase because unfortunately they do not have a good one. This is because they are naturally nocturnal creatures. When they are on a hunt, they usually use their heightened senses. If you want to pursue ferret hunting, use the albino ones because you can easily see them after the chase because of their color.

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