Where To Find Antique Paintings For Sale

Painting is a way human beings express themselves. Paintings can turn a mediocre space into a lively place. They also allow you to represent your ideas or imaginations. If you are someone searching for antique paintings for sale, there are a number of places you can do that.

The first place I would suggest is your local antique shops. Owners of antique shops have expansive networks with dealers and sellers. And with their experience they are able to find quality paintings. With their reputation in hand, they are also less likely to sell you a painting that has been retouched, reprinted or a fake. And off-course, prices at these places would normally be higher than other venues. You could also physically inspect the paintings before purchasing them.

Another place you can find antique paintings is at garage sales. As garage sales are places where people sell away their old items, it’s possible that you would find a painting or two in the sale. Here you would need some level of expertise to spot something that has value, and to inspect if it’s a genuine piece. Something may be old and an antique but that does not mean there is demand for it in the market.

Thrift stores are another venue where you can antique hunt for antique Clock Restoration Shropshire paintings for sale. Similar to garage sales, it would be better off if you have some level of expertise, if you are buying from these places. Don’t fool yourself in thinking that you have spotted a diamond in the rough at a bargain, without knowledge and experience. The seller would be more interested in his pocket than you. Its more likely that you could get a reprint for the price of the original.

Estate sales are also another venue to search for antique paintings. The items in estate sales usually belong to someone who was well to do before. It’s highly likely that you could get antique paintings that are of value at bargains.

Auction house is another venue where you can get antique paintings. Usually catalogs are distributed before the date of auctioning. This allows you to do your homework in determining the items you are interested in and the highest amounts you are willing to go for, for those items. Because of the reputation of the auction house, it’s highly less likely that you would be sold a reprint.

The internet has open up opportunities that were not possible before. For example, you are now able to search for reputable dealers online that can sell you authentic antique pieces from the Orient. Before, to get these pieces you would need to fly in to inspect that antique piece yourself or have a trustworthy expert do it for you. eBay is another source for antique paintings.If you have a motivated seller; you could get your antique painting for a real bargain here. You would not be able to inspect the piece physically, but eBay has an acknowledgement process from old buyers for the seller. At some level you can check the credibility of the seller.

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