Why Diet and Greek Food Can Help You Live Longer

For centuries, the people living around the Mediterranean have enjoyed robust health and long lives. Scientists beginning from the late 19th century were baffled by this phenomenon and only began to unravel this mystery in the late 1980s. It had always been suspected that the health and vitality of the Mediterranean people could be attributed to their traditional diet. In fact, the most recent research that sampled over 20, 000 people in a Greek village confirmed these suspicions.

The traditional Greek Food diet was discovered to have potent health benefits by preventing heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and a host of other ailments; prolonging life in the process. In addition to keeping chronic diseases at bay, the Greek Diet was also found to be an excellent way to lose weight and keep it off. Many people with weight problems have benefitedย Greek theatreย immensely from the Greek Food diet after fad diets and diet pills failed to help them maintain optimum weight. The advantage of the Greek diet is that you no longer have to eat tasteless food. In order to lose weight and feel Great!

The Greek diet comprises of very tasty dishes all enriched with healthy fruits and vegetables, Salads, Olives and vegetarian dishes. It also includes some very tasty fish dishes. Olive oil is used which is high in mono saturates a healthy fat which is also low in cholesterol. If you want to live the lifestyle of and be healthy like the Greeks then it is well worth researching what they eat. If you want the benefits of a Mediterranean/Greek Food diet then you need to do some research into it and how it can increase your health, and add years to your lifespan with a little luck and care.If you want more information then you can see that.

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