WordPress Plugins Every Musician Should Be Using

If you’re a musician, dj, band or singer then you most likely have a site powered by WordPress. As ubiquitous and powerful as WordPress is, it is not always the easiest platform for musicians to use. However, a little of work under the hood with some powerful plugins can easily turn a mediocre band blog into a powerful tool to showcase talent.

SoundCloud Shortcode

Chances are you have some kind of presence on SoundCloud. If you don’t you should as it is becoming the premier platform for artists to host & share their music. Buy real soundcloud followers Shortcode plugin makes that even easier by allowing users to drop a SoundCloud player into any widget area on a WordPress site. This is perhaps the easiest and most effective plugin an artist can use.


If you’re offering downloads why not ask your listeners to share first? Tweet2Download asks your fans to share your download with their followers in Twitter. This is a great way to broaden awareness of your music and drive traffic to your site.


A no-brainer, but are you using it effectively? Facebook is now allowing for greater integration. Adding this social plugin to your site will allow visitors to share an increasingly wide range of content. That translates to more people hearing your music.


If you’ve ever considered podcasting now is the time to start. Blurbrry makes it extremely easy to upload your podacsts to iTunes and other web services. The real killer is the range of formats Blurbrry will accept, from mp3 to asf, no matter what format you publish in Blurbrry has you covered.

Others to consider

WP Artists seeks to be an all-in-one solution for artists & musicians. Offering profile & music management tools as well as full social media integration, this plug-in is designed for those who want it all in one package. Similarly, Bandcamp WP allows you to integrate many BandCamp features into a WordPress site with the aim of driving traffic to your BandCamp site. Both are certainly worth looking into, if only for convenience and efficiency, after all the more time you have to spend on your music, the sooner you will be on the cover of Rolling Stone.

While there is a plethora of other plugins available to use on your WordPress site it is important to consider a few factors when choosing one: compatibility with your theme, ongoing support and usability. Always keep these in mind when testing out new plugins.


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